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Robots and Robotics Curriculum SPECIAL EVENTS


For Grades 5-8:

 Teach Programming Concepts, Science and Math with Scribbler

Teach Sound, Science and Pre-Engineering Concepts with Fritz the Robotic Head

For Grades 8-12+:

 Teach Electronics, Math, Science, Robotics, and Basic Programming with Boe-Bot

Teach Engineering Concepts, Math and Physics with Boe-Bot Expansion Kit

Teach Python Programming and Math with Scribbler

Engaging, comprehensive robotics curriculum and robot kits·for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and after school programs.

Create an elective course and use robots to teach programming, digital electronics, STEM, and engineering concepts.

For Grades 6-12 Math, Science, TAG, Tech, and Vocational Teachers. We provide online training, but no special background in engineering, robots, or programming is required of teachers or students!

Affordable: Robots only $100 to $150 each.

 Follow links for pricing, OR Contact us for a quote.   OR call 760-650-2687

  • Curriculum online lessons and videos can be accessed on PCs, Macs, Tablets, or Smart Phones.
  • Videos allow teachers to FLIP the LESSON.  
  •  PC computer lab or laptops needed to program robots.

Teacher conference attendees: You Could Win a Robot!

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NSTA Conference, Oct 24-26, Portland, OR

NSTA Conference, Nov 6-9, Charlotte, NC

CAST Conference, Nov 7-9, Houston, TX

ACTE Conference, Dec 4-7, Las Vegas, NV


Funding Ideas for a Robotics Program:

(1) We have a list of·Grant Resources for Robotics.

(2) Carl Perkins and STEM federal funding are used by many schools for robotics programs.

(3) Some schools charge student lab fees that cover the cost within 2 to 3 years.

(4) Try crowd source funding.  Use one of the popular websites and send a link to all the businesses in your region.  Have a contest with students to get families to contribute.

(5)  Some schools have students purchase their own robots and the school purchases curriculum.

Comprehensive, Rigorous Curriculum comes with:

  • Modular online lessons (50-55 minutes)
  • Student e-books (printable)
  • Worksheets for each lesson (Word docs)
  • Hands-on Project based robot activities
  • Engaging content-rich videos
  • Step by step instruction with 3D models
  • Teamwork projects
  • Quiz questions and answer keys (Word Docs)
  • Enrichment activities
  • Web links and Interactive Learning
  • Simulations and Animations
  • Flexible Lesson Plans and printed Teacher Guides
  • Grading Rubrics and Assessments
  • Incorporates Engineering Design into lessons
  • Career exploration videos and assignments
  • Meet·STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) objectives.

Boy Scouts -·Earn a robotics Merit Badge.




We have exciting videos, fun lab activities, a 3D simulation system, a digital lab environment, some custom software, and much more to make it easy for STEM topics to be taught with robot kits either with a standard computer lab or as online courses.

Works in various classroom settings:

  • Classrooms equipped with computer projection or Smart Boards (with student laptops)
  • Computer labs
  • Home study or online schools
  • After school and club meetings
  • Vocational classrooms
  • Individual Laptops (PCs required for programming robots)
  • Tablets and Smart Phones may be used to view online lessons and videos
  • Online classrooms with or without Video conferencing

    Exploring Robotics with Fritz: Pre-Engineering Concepts - Speech and Motion Control

    Fritz Robot head


     AVAILABLE FOR FALL 2013!  For Grades 6 and up.

    Engage students in STEM and robotics and prepare them for engineering classes with this project-based instruction and robotic head kit.··


  • An affordable Robotic Head that students build and control
  • Robot Kit assembly is educational and fun
  • Up to 13 moving features
  • Mimics human emotions
  • Easy control with software app
  • Talks with lip and jaw motion
  • Text-to-speech lets you type, then he talks

    See video and Learn More about Fritz and this program.



    Students interactively explore robots with:

    • The most dependable Hands-on robot kits Boe-Bot Robot
    • 3D models that demonstrate assembly and wiring step by step
    • Fun lab activities using 3D simulators or hands-on construction
    • Comprehensive instruction in professional videos and books to learn how to control and program robots and understand robot systems and concepts
    • Technical career opportunities with video interviews and links to companies who hire technicians and engineers
    • Forums to communicate with like-minded robot enthusiasts
    • Online lessons

    Robotics curriculum and training packages we have now or in development ·for middle school, high school, after school and entry level college programs:

    For HIGH SCHOOL Grades 8 and Up. -·Exploring Robotics with Electronics: An introduction to Electronics with Boe-Bot··

    • boe_bot_box_All
    • Math, Science, Tech, TAG, or Vocational teachers can teach Electronics, Engineering, Programming, Mechatronics, and Robotics with this easy to use, rigorous curriculum.
    • Provides an introduction to robotics with an emphasis on electronics. ·This curriculum is great for high schools, or as a first course in robotics, or to earn a merit badge in robotics in an after school program. ·Colleges also use it as an introduction to Electronics, Mechatronics, Engineering, or other technology programs.··
    • The curriculum provides step by step instructions with 3D models and videos to make it easy to assemble a robot from a kit and program it.··Three components provide presentations of engineering concepts, simulations, and hands-on lab activities.
    • Students take a hands-on approach to learning and build the Boe-Bot robot.· After assembly, students program the BASIC stamp microcontroller using PS2 BASIC language and master programming concepts to control the Parallax Boe-Boe robot to follow a line, avoid obstacles, turn on lights and sounds, and interact with sensors.
    • (Learn more)
      scribbler robot programming

    For MIDDLE SCHOOL Grades 5 and Up ·Exploring Robotics with Scribbler: An Introduction to Programming Graphically with the Scribbler S2··

    • Math, Science, and TAG teachers can teach an introduction to programming, logic, critical thinking, and robotics with this easy to use, rigorous curriculum.·
    • Loved by both Girls and Boys! ·Develop an interest in STEM programs.
    • Students work in teams and learn to program the Scribbler robot with easy to use visual programming blocksthat fit together like puzzle pieces.··
    • Provides an introduction to robotics while teaching programming, logic, and critical thinking skills. ·
    • The Scribbler S2 Robot comes pre-assembled, providing an excellent introduction to robots and programming concepts.··
    • Activities include:·pen-based artwork, playing music, turning on LEDs, communication between robots and computers, line following, dance routine, and classroom competition
    • STEM and Common Core Math topics include geometric shapes, calculating sizes of triangles, circles, and arcs, expressions and equations,and the number system.··

    FOR HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE·Exploring Robotics with Python: An Introduction to Python Programming with Scribbler S2·

    · (Available June 2013)· For Grades 10 and Up.·
      • Provide an introduction to programming using a robot . Great for high schools, after school programs, and entry level college programs, this is an excellent introduction to Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Science, or other related technology programs.·
      • Two components provide presentations and hands-on lab activities. ·Lessons focus on programming the scribbler robot using MYRO and the Python language to access advanced features of the IPRE Georgia Tech FLUKE board and more exact control of Parallax's Scribbler robot.··
      • Activities include PC to robot communication, interacting with sensors, line following, taking photos, analyzing photos, creating insect-like behaviors and other AI techniques! ·
      • (Learn More)




      “This is one of the most fun courses I have ever taken!· I was looking for the right course to learn more about robotics and this was it. The robotic simulators are very realistic.

      Highly recommended if you are wanting to learn about the fundamentals of robotics in a neat, new way!”

      -J. Martin

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